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Handcrafted tea blends and infusions with whole all natural ingredients
for the optimal tea experience.



Good Night Sleep


Zesty Lemon Ginger Rooibos


Sweet Ginger Kisses


Ooh La La Rose Mint Tea


Creamy Earl Grey


Warm Heart



Just want to let you know this is the best Chamomile tea blend that I have tasted!  You do an amazing job in blending your teas & only use the best teas, herbs and spices on the market.


Hi there, I met you at the Stratus Christmas market and bought a few of your teas. I just wanted to tell you that I’m loving the Redbush Chai and the Stratus Harvest blend. Both so, so, so good. Keep up the excellent tea-making!

Mary Lyn

“Your tea produced the best cup of tea that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I followed your directions, let the water sit after the boil for 5 minutes and brewed for 3 and voila…………a masterpiece in a cup of tea was created……….tastes as good as it smells……..absolutely to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much”.

Janet K.

“I just had to contact you after meeting you at Terra Market today. I came home and barely had my coat off and plugged in the kettle for a cup of Summer Breeze!!! It is divine!!! 

 It was wonderful meeting you! You have a great business. You are so personable and friendly.  I’m sure you have many, many loyal customers…..add one more!!”


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