Tumeric Blend

Tumeric (active compound curcumin)  has been widely studied and may contribute to many health benefits, including a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

A power house elixir for optimum health.

Every tea has a story …….

After a lot of research, this Tumeric blend was created.  Organic Tumeric root as the base, natural sweetness from organic Carrot pieces (loaded with Vitamin C)  organic Star Anise, and warm notes from cinnamon. This blend tastes delicious on its own to drink clear. If you prefer, milk or non-dairy milk can be added for more creaminess.



Organic Tumeric  root, Cinnamon chips, organic Carrot, Ginger, organic Star Anise, organic crushed Black Peppercorn




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40 grams, 65 grams (save $1.25), 175 grams (save 3.75)


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